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A writer, speaker and presenter, Simone is becoming a familiar face and voice in Australian media. Confident on camera or with a microphone, Simone loves promoting healthy food attitudes so everyone can harness good nutrition to nourish and flourish in life.

Simone regularly shares her dietetics advice, sports nutrition principles and recipe ideas on her personal blog, and as a guest writer for various national publications. You will also find all this and more in her book, Eat Like an Athlete.

Book Simone for guest appearances on TV or radio. Media requests are booked directly with Simone or call 0409 435 904.

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For media requests, contact Simone directly or call 0409 435 904.

Simone's Approach

As well as ensuring peak performance for elite athletes, Simone teaches a practical message of health and happiness through her regular media appearances, her book and corporate events. Simone is a lively speaker on all things nutrition, wellness and cooking. You can often catch her on breakfast radio with the likes of the 3AW team. Her energy motivating you for the day!

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Industry Leading Experience


Feeding Essential Care Workers; Healthy Snacks on the Front Line

Our health care worker’s, are on the front line, working in areas such as Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and need our help. An ICU nurse from one of Melbourne’s major hospitals, reached out asking for my suggestions on healthy snacking to share with her coworkers. I was so pleased to be asked and it is the least I can do to help those working so hard to keep us well. I was equally happy to hear they are taking care of themselves. For all of us in other areas of work, working, school or just staying safe at home healthy snacking is important for our health too. This is looking like a marathon event ahead, not a sprint so here are my healthy snacking ideas to get us through.



Why you DON'T want to eat to ‘boost’ your immune system (even to protect against coronavirus).

What seems the obvious thing to do during a time of a viral pandemic is to 'boost' our immune system to protect us, so it might come as a surprise to you that I am saying you don’t want to. We certainly do want to support our immune system, but that is different to boosting it. If the immune system is overactive it can be damaging to our body. What we want to do, is support the immune system to work in balance and we can eat fresh everyday nutritious food to do this, nothing fancy required.



What can you eat to support your immune system?

Fighting off colds, flus and infections starts with a strong immune system. There is no magic food to do this, but one of the keys to eating to support your immune system is eating plenty of plant foods. We can feed our gut microbiome and include Omega 3 fats too. Read on, to learn what you can do.



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