Cooking Seminars

Healthy meal preparation starts at home

To put nutrition knowledge into practice in the kitchen, Simone teaches groups necessary cooking skills so that anyone can create healthy meals even when they are tired or busy.

Enjoying the food you make is a principle for wellness and performance. Food is fuel for life, and it’s not just athletes who need to eat optimally. Simone demonstrates how to get the right balance in your meals and snacks to keep you energised and focused.

Simone shows you how to make the healthy choices the easy choices in the kitchen. Book Simone for your session now.

See Simone in action with with celebrity chef George Colombaris in a corporate cooking demonstration for Coles and at a Mornington peninsula winery. As George prepares meals, Simone provides the nutrition commentary, with information on the nutritional value in an understandable format.

Want to run a little cooking competition at your workplace? See how Simone worked with the Australian Almond Board and two of the Hawthorn Football players (Isaac Smith, James Frawley pictured right) in a promotional cook off.

Practical nutrition tips for everyday people

Simone breaks down common myths on topics such as carbohydrates and protein, the latest diet trends and shows you how to understand confusing food labelling. There is a lot of nutrition noise out there and Simone will cut through that for you.

We an all use nutrition as a tool to perform at our best, we just have to learn how. Simone focuses on strategies to ensure you leave with the tools to start now.

Industry Leading Experience

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