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Transforming your Health in Spring

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September 13, 2020

Thinking about some Spring cleaning- why not your health routine? The longer days and warmer weather that comes with spring can bring about a great amount of joy and excitement after the cooler weather. Spring is the perfect time to shake off the winter blues, with motivation to work towards a healthier feeling you. One simple change can make a big difference to how you feel and be enough to be a transformation.A couple of sustained changes are better than lots that don’t last, so start small and see how you go!

Get outdoors for motivation  


The sun is shining, the air is warming so that can only mean one thing... 

Spring is finally here!


Getting outside and take advantage of what nature has to offer can help you come out of hibernation and begin to restore that motivation. You will want to be more active with the crisp cool air and sun shining . This time of year is the perfect weather to reach the recommended minimum 30 minutes of physical activity daily.(1).


You can enjoy a bike ride, run, walk or hike, however, if this doesn’t take your fancy gardening is very rewarding in Springtime and is also a great form of physical activity and can be therapeutic. 


Increasing physical activity levels, reducing stress, improving mood and restoring mental fatigue are all health benefits of getting outdoors and to engage in exercise and physical activity. Another health opportunity of being outdoors is reaching Vitamin D from sunlight exposure.(2)


So get outside and take advantage of the beautiful spring sunshine that is coming our way!

Eating with the Seasons  

Fruits and vegetable are a vital component of a healthy diet that provide us with many vitamins,minerals and dietary fibre. To gain many of their health and nutritional properties it is recommended that men and women over the age of 18 years should be eating daily consists of 5-6 serves of vegetables and legumes and 2 serves of fruit (3).

With Spring comes an excited array of fresh seasonal produce for us to enjoy. Eating seasonally is generally cost effective and produce you are purchasing is tastier. Here is a list of a few of springs seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Spring Fruits

- Navel Oranges

- Imperial  mandarins

- Grapefruit

- Lemon


Spring  Vegetables

- Asparagus

- Spinach

- Silverbeet

- Peas

- Rhubarb

- Avocado

- Mushrooms

Transitioning from warm comfort food into fresh, lighter meals.  

Time to transition from the warm comfort food dishes into the light and fresh meals in the springtime. You may have gotten used to that comforting bowl of porridge in the morning, but as spring begins you may be in the mood for something chilled. Try making some overnight oats that can be topped with fresh seasonal fruit, yoghurt, nuts and honey for the perfect springtime porridge replacement.

Keeping Hydrated with the Seasonal Changes


As the warmer weather heads our way, keeping your body hydrated is key to keeping yourself fresh, alert and with water as your main drink healthy.We usually talk about water intake measured by glasses. It is often recommended that women over the age of 18 have at least 8 glasses and men 10 glasses. (4). This is a guide only and your intake is individual depending on factors such as the climate you are in, your body weight and sweat rate. Trying to hit the recommended water intake per day can be difficult for some people. Reaching for fresh tap water is the best way to go however if you are not keen or find it difficult there are a few different ways you can spruce up your drink to make it enjoyable and delicious without opting for alcoholic or sugar-sweetened beverages.

·        Try infusing water with fresh fruit and herbs

·        Soda water

·        Mineral water (natural)

·        Herbal tea

·        Kombucha

·        Milk

·        Soup, yoghurt are also fluids

Embracing the new with what spring brings and incorporating these simple tips into your every day shall keep you motivated and on your way to a happier and healthier you. Good health is on its way!